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Use a Terraform compatible tool

#1554 tfaction >= v1.2.0


tfaction executes Terraform commands such as terraform init, fmt, validate, plan, apply, and so on. You can also execute any tools compatible with Terraform instead of Terraform. You can use tools such as OpenTofu and Terragrunt instead of Terraform.

How to use

You can specify a tool by the setting terraform_command in tfaction-root.yaml and tfaction.yaml.


terraform_command: tofu # terragrunt
- working_directory: aws/
terraform_command: tofu # terragrunt


terraform_command: tofu # terragrunt

Then the given command is executed instead of terraform. For example, if terraform_command is tofu, commands such as tofu init, fmt, validate, plan, apply are executed instead of terraform.

💡 Combine OpenTofu and Terragrunt

You can also combine OpenTofu and Terragrunt.

  1. Set terraform_command to terragrunt
  2. Set the environment variable TERRAGRUNT_TFPATH to tofu

💡 Validate terraform_command

You can validate terraform_command in GitHub Actions Workflows.


- uses: suzuki-shunsuke/tfaction/get-target-config@v1.2.0
id: target-config

- run: |
echo "::error:: terraform_command is invalid"
exit 1
if: |
! contains(fromJSON('["terraform", "terragrunt", "tofu"]'),