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Validate Terraform Plan Result with Conftest

About Conftest, please see .

tfaction supports validating Terraform Plan Result with Conftest.

If Terraform Plan Result violate your Conftest Policy, the violation is notified as Pull Request Comment.


tfaction doesn't provide any Conftest Policy. Please write your Conftest Policy freely.

We recommend writing the document about Conftest Policy per policy.

github_issue_label_description.rego # Policy
github_issue_label_description_test.rego # Policy Test # Policy Document


Policy directory

tfaction >= v1.1.0

You can change the directory by the setting conftest_policy_directory in tfaction-root.yaml.

e.g. tfaction-root.yaml

conftest_policy_directory: terraform/policy

The default value is "policy". If conftest_policy_directory isn't set and the directory policy doesn't exist, contest is skipped. If conftest_policy_directory is set but the directory doesn't exist, the action fails.