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OSS Development

first release datenamebadgeslangtypeshort description
2024-02-04simple-sync-actionGitHub Action (Composite Action)GitHub Actions to synchronize specific files with the specific branch to prevent tamper
2023-12-29slog-errorGolibraryGo library to embed Attr into error for slog
2023-12-15go-jsonnet-native-functionsGitHub last commitGolibraryGo package porting several Go's standard libraries functions to go-jsonnet's native functions
2023-12-10aws-secrets-manager-get-actionGitHub last commitTypeScriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions to get secrets from AWS Secrets Manager
2023-11-21nllintGitHub last commitGoCLILinter to check newlines at the end of files
2023-11-05tfprovidercheckGitHub last commitGoCLICensor Terraform Providers
2023-10-08mkghtagGitHub last commitGoCLICreate GitHub Tags via API
2023-09-02trivy-config-actionGitHub last commitTypeScriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions for trivy config
2023-07-12zerolog-errorGitHub last commitGolibraryEmbed fields into error for zerolog
2023-04-14pinactGitHub last commitGoCLIPin GitHub Actions versions
2023-03-09go-mod-tidy-workflowGitHub last commitYAMLGitHub Actions WorkflowGitHub Actions Reusable Workflow to run go mod tidy and push a commit
2023-03-09go-mod-tidy-actionGitHub last commitshell scriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions to run go mod tidy and push a commit to a pull request
2023-02-03go-test-full-workflowGitHub last commitYAMLGitHub Actions WorkflowGitHub Actions Reusable Workflow for testing Go application
2023-01-22ghalintGitHub last commitGoCLIGitHub Actions Linter
2023-01-15renovate-config-validator-workflowGitHub last commitYAMLGitHub Actions WorkflowGitHub Actions Reusable Workflow for renovate-config-validator
2023-01-15actionlint-workflowGitHub last commitYAMLGitHub Actions WorkflowGitHub Actions Reusable Workflow for actionlint
2023-01-14go-release-workflowGitHub last commitYAMLGitHub Actions WorkflowGitHub Actions Reusable Workflow for releasing Go application
2023-01-14go-test-workflowGitHub last commitYAMLGitHub Actions WorkflowGitHub Actions Reusable Workflow for testing Go application
2022-09-24gha-triggerGitHub last commitgoservergha-trigger is Webhook Server and Actions to run GitHub Actions securely
2022-05-04yaml2jsonGitHub last commitgocliConvert YAML to JSON
2022-04-23renovate-issue-actionGitHub last commitgocli for GitHub ActionsCreate, update, and close GitHub Issues with GitHub Actions according to Renovate Pull Requests
2022-04-21zap-errorGitHub last commitgolibraryEmbed zap.Field into error
2022-02-19reenable-automerge-actionGitHub last commitshell scriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions to re-enable disabled GitHub Automerge
2022-02-19renovate-autoclose-actionGitHub last committypescriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions to close Renovate failed pull requests automatically
2022-01-22tfactionGitHub last committypescriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions collection for Opinionated Terraform Workflow
2022-01-13github-action-actionlintGitHub last commitshell scriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions for actionlint
2021-12-18asciinema-trimGitHub last commitgocliTrim asciinema's record file
2021-12-16github-action-validate-envoy-proxyGitHub last commitshell scriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions to validate Envoy Proxy Configuration File
2021-10-30github-action-shellcheckGitHub last commitshell scriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions for shellcheck
2021-10-30github-action-terraform-initGitHub last commitshell scriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions to run terraform init
2021-10-30github-action-shfmtGitHub last commitshell scriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions for shfmt
2021-10-30github-action-tfsecGitHub last committype scriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions for tfsec
2021-10-30github-action-tflintGitHub last committype scriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions for tflint
2021-10-27github-action-formatGitHub last commitshell scriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions to format code and push commit
2021-10-26github-action-golangci-lintGitHub last commitshell scriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions for golangci-lint
2021-09-05aqua-renovate-configGitHub last commitJSONRenovate PresetRenovate Configuration to update packages and registries of aqua
2021-09-04aqua-registryGitHub last commityamlconfigurationaqua's Standard Registry
2021-08-30logrus-errorGitHub last commitgolibraryEmbed logrus.Fields into error
2021-08-29aquaGitHub last commitgocliVersion manager of CLI
2021-08-29aqua-proxyGitHub last commitgocliThe internal CLI tool of aqua
2021-08-29aqua-installerGitHub last commitshell scriptscript, GitHub ActionsInstall aqua quickly
2021-08-24go-checkout-github-merged-commitGitHub last commitgolibraryCheckout the GitHub Pull Request merged commit
2021-07-31renovate-github-tags-datasource-repositoriesRenovate github-tags Datasource Repositories
2021-07-18tfmigrator/cliGitHub last commitgocliCLI to Migrate Terraform Configuration and State with terraform state command and hcledit
2021-07-18expr-unmarshalerGitHub last commitgolibrary
2021-06-06tfmigrator/tfmigratorGitHub last commitgolibraryMigrate Terraform Configuration and State with terraform state command and hcledit
2021-05-27go-template-unmarshalerGitHub last commitgolibrary
2021-05-09lambuildGitHub last commitgoLambdaEmpower AWS CodeBuild whose source provider is GITHUB. Provide great features like multiple buildspec supports, conditional builds and commands, etc
2021-04-25akoi-installerGitHub last commitTypeScriptGitHub ActionsGitHub Actions and Shell Script to install akoi
2021-04-21aws-iam-cred-senderGitHub last commitgoLambdaAWS Lambda Function to send an initial password to a new user via Slack DM
2021-03-12github-comment-metadataGitHub last commitgolibraryParser of metadata github-comment embeds into comment
2021-01-31tfmigratorGitHub last commitgoclimigrate Terraform configuration and State
2021-01-05tfcmtGitHub last commitgocliFork of mercari/tfnotify
2021-01-01tfnotifyGitHub last commitgocliFork of mercari/tfnotify
2020-11-03circleci-config-mergeGitHub last commitgocliGenerate .circleci/config.yml by merging multiple files
2020-11-01github-ci-monitorGitHub last commitgocli, lambda functionMonitor GitHub repositories CI statues by DataDog
2020-10-26matchfileGitHub last commitgoclicheck file paths are matched to the condition
2020-10-25ci-infoGitHub last commitgocliget CI related information
2020-10-15go-convmapGitHub last commitgolibraryconvert map[interface{}]interface{} to map[string]interface{}
2020-10-12tengo-testerGitHub last commitgoclitest tengo scripts
2020-10-02buildflowGitHub last commitgoclipowerful build pipeline
2020-09-19go-findconfigGitHub last commitgolibraryfind configuration file
2020-08-29go-ci-envGitHub last commitgolibraryget CI meta data from the environment variables
2020-07-04clapGitHub last commitgoclisimple installer
2020-06-04go-thread-safeGitHub last commitgolibrarythread safe data types
2020-04-29terraform-provider-graylogGitHub last commitgoTerraform ProviderTerraform Provider for Graylog
2020-04-13go-httpclientGitHub last commitgolibrarysimple HTTP client
2020-04-05skaffold-generatorGitHub last commitgocligenerate skaffold.yaml to build and deploy only required services
2020-03-20circleci-orb-forbid-rerunGitHub last commitCircleCI OrbCircleCI Orbforbid rerun builds whose revision isn't latest for the branch
2020-03-18circleci-orb-orbGitHub last commitCircleCI OrbCircleCI Orbtest and publish CircleCI Orb
2020-03-14circleci-orb-terraformGitHub last commitCircleCI OrbCircleCI Orblint and test and apply Terraform configuration
2020-03-10circleci-orb-tfenvGitHub last commitCircleCI OrbCircleCI Orblint and test and apply Terraform configuration
2020-03-09github-commentGitHub last commitgoclipost a comment to GitHub commit or pull request
2020-02-09go-circleci-v2-openapi-clientGitHub last commit GoDocgolibraryCircleCI v2 API client generated by OpenAPI Generator
2020-02-03example-drone-kubernetes-runnerGitHub last commitk8sdocumentRunning Drone Kubernetes Runner at local
2020-01-27go-dataeqGitHub last commit GoDocgolibrarycheck if two values are equal as data format such as JSON
2019-12-05go-error-with-exit-codeGitHub last commit GoDocgolibraryset the exit code to the error
2019-11-30dd-timeGitHub last commitgoclipost the command execution time as time-series data to DataDog
2019-10-18github-cliGitHub last commitgocliGitHub v3 API client
2019-08-29go-timeoutGitHub last commit GoDocgolibrarytreat the timeout of the external command
2019-08-21cmdxGitHub last commitgoclitask runner
2019-07-06fluteGitHub last commit GoDocgolibraryHTTP Client testing framework
2019-06-12drone-jsonnet-generatorGitHub last commitgocliconvert Drone v0.8x format .drone.yml to v1 format .drone.jsonnet
2019-05-21go-jsoneqGitHub last commit GoDocgolibrarycheck if two values are equal as JSON
2019-05-17go-slack-scimapiGitHub last commit GoDocgolibrarySlack SCIM API client
2019-01-19goargGitHub last commit GoDocgolibrarysimple command line argument parser
2018-12-27go-error-handling-logging-practiceGitHub last commitgodocumentGolang application (not library)'s error handling and logging practice
2018-12-18go-errlogGitHub last commit GoDocgolibrarylogging structured error
2018-12-15go-errctxGitHub last commit GoDocgolibrarystructured error
2018-12-09durlGitHub last commitgoclicheck whether dead urls are included in files
2018-10-28gomicGitHub last commitgocligenerate golang's mock for test
2018-07-23akoiGitHub last commitgoclibinary version control system
2018-07-04griaGitHub last commitgocliCLI tool for golang's test code scaffolding
2018-06-03go-gencfgGitHub last commitgoclicli tool to generate code for the application specific configuration
2018-04-30go-graylogGitHub last commit GoDocgolibraryGraylog API client for Golang and terraform provider for Graylog
2018-04-30graylog-mock-serverGitHub last commitgolibrary(deprecated) Graylog mock server
2018-04-18go-ptrGitHub last commit GoDocgolibrarygolang library to convert a literal to pointer
2018-03-28go-setGitHub last commit GoDocgolibraryset data structure
2018-01-21go-chatwordsGitHub last commit GoDocgolibraryParse line as chat words
2017-10-29rymlGitHub last commit npm versionnodecliHTTP Client
2017-10-05git-rm-branchGitHub last commitgocliRemove git branches
2017-09-16rterrorGitHub last commit GoDocgolibraryHandle runtime error
2017-08-04japanese-holiday-apiGitHub last commitgoapi serverGet japanese holidays
2017-04-01exvar.pyGitHub last commit PyPI versionpythoncliLocal repository specific application configuration management framework
2017-03-25chtGitHub last commit PyPI versionpythoncliNotify to slack using "incoming webhooks"
2017-03-12ghscrGitHub last commitgocliGet scripts hosted on GitHub
2017-03-08dirsshGitHub last commitshellcliper-project ssh config manager for zsh
2017-03-03ssh-seedGitHub last commit npm versionnodecliGenerate ssh keys and add them to the ssh agent
2016-04-16dckrmGitHub last commitshellcliRemove docker containers and images
2016-01-23pysigmaPyPI versionpythonlibraryPython validation flamework (unfinished)
2015-10-15sqlalchemy-validationGitHub last commit PyPI versionpythonlibrarySQLAlchemy Validation Extension

CircleCI Orbs

Ansible Roles

Ansible Modules

namebadgesshort description
pyenv-moduleGitHub last commitansible module to run pyenv command
ghq-moduleGitHub last commitansible module to clone git repositories with motemen/ghq